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One of the most stressful parts of driving may be having to maneuver around large commercial trucks on roads or highways. While most commercial truck drivers navigate the road responsibly, accidents will happen, whether because of human error, distracted driving, or more. An accident involving an 18-wheeler or semi-truck with your vehicle can cause serious, long-term injuries.

If this has happened to you, it is important to work with a truck accident lawyer who is very experienced in dealing with specific laws governing truck accident laws in Michigan. The medical bills following a semi-truck accident in and around areas like Detroit and Southeastern Michigan can be steep, placing your family in a difficult financial position.

Truck accidents are more likely to cause serious injuries.

Truck accidents involving one or more passenger cars are more likely to result in death or serious injury than a collision between two passenger cars. An 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident can involve a cab that can weigh more than 30,000 pounds. The sheer volume puts passenger cars, which likely weigh anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 pounds, at a significant disadvantage.

An additional reason that accidents involving commercial trucks and commercial vehicles is likely to be more serious is because a driver in a large commercial truck is usually riding high up in the cab, while the driver of the car is much lower to the ground, resulting in a range of dangerous scenarios.

While many lawyers claim to be experts, you need the best truck accident attorney.

Given the potential for serious physical injuries, truck accidents are more likely to result in large financial settlements for victims. However, it also means that many lawyers without experience winning truck accident cases will claim they can successfully represent you. That is why choosing the best truck accident lawyer is an important decision that requires the expertise of Lawrence Kajy and his team of semi-truck accident attorneys who work on these cases every day. They know Michigan law, and they win well over 95 percent of the time.

Contact an experienced truck accident law firm.

An experienced truck accident attorney can get you the money you deserve after being injured in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident. Kajy Law is the best truck accident lawyer near you that can provide confidence and peace of mind when you need it most. Contact Lawrence Kajy and his staff of experienced truck accident lawyers in Michigan at 877-KAJY-CARES, so you can get back to living the life you want.