Medical Provider Representation

If you have provided medical services to patients after an auto accident, you are entitled to have your medical billing paid by the patient’s no-fault auto insurance company. But the auto insurance industry has made a business practice of denying, refusing, or contesting most serious auto injuries, even when they are clearly related to an auto accident. When this happens, medical providers face delays, attorney fees, and the need to file medical provider lawsuits.


When a medical provider lien isn’t an option, you may have to go to court to make sure your medical billing gets paid. Your Kajy Law attorney will help you navigate the process, get your case resolved, and your billing file closed.


The Michigan No-Fault Insurance Act gives medical providers the ability to file a lawsuit directly against the auto insurance provider for services provided for the benefit of an auto accident victim. This lawsuit will be filed in either District Court or Circuit Court, depending on the size of your bill.


We provide our clients the best service possible in the collection of their unpaid bills. We will identify the highest priority insurer and the best path to recovering your medical bill. You will receive the aggressive, high-caliber advocacy that you need.


We offer consultations-at no cost-to physical therapists, case managers, surgical centers, hospitals, and transportation companies who have outstanding medical bills.


The medical provider attorneys at Kajy Law know the benefits and risks of the different types of medical provider lawsuits. If you have medical billing from treating auto accident victims, contact Kajy Law today to discuss your options and plan your strategy.