When the victim of an auto, truck or motorcycle accident needs medical attention for serious injuries, they rely on healthcare providers to help them recover. As a healthcare provider, you have used your knowledge and skills to help someone at their greatest time of need. Unfortunately, you may have a difficult time getting reimbursed for your potentially life-saving actions when the patient is a car accident victim.

You are there for a victim at their time of greatest need.

That is why you need to hire a medical billing attorney who can help you recover compensation for medical billing issues related to treating an auto accident victim. Only a qualified medical billing attorney can negotiate with insurance companies who have made it their practice of denying, refusing and/or contesting a large majority of payments for necessary medical procedures following a car accident.

Payment delays are common – and you need a solution.

Even if it appears that payment may be forthcoming, delays are common in these situations. There are many lawyers who claim to be a medical billing attorney, but few are truly experienced in this highly specialized practice area. Lawrence Kajy and his team of experienced medical billing lawyers understand that having access to certain information about a victim’s injuries and related accident can help make the difference in getting your claim paid. Without the representation of an unpaid hospital bill lawyer, many providers simply give up their efforts to collect payment given the amount of time it can require.

As a medical provider, you have rights. Contact a medical billing lawyer.

Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Act enacted in 2020 allows medical providers to file a lawsuit directly against the auto insurance provider when treating a victim of a car accident in Metropolitan Detroit or anywhere in Michigan. As attorneys representing providers in medical billing issues, Kajy Law provides clients the best service possible in the collection of their unpaid bills. As experienced medical billing attorneys, we uncover the highest priority insurer when pursuing payment.

Our consultation comes at no cost for a wide range of medical providers, including physical therapists, case managers, surgical centers, hospitals, and transportation companies who have outstanding medical bills.

To hire the best medical billing attorneys, contact Lawrence Kajy and his staff of experienced lawyers in Michigan at 877-KAJY-CARES.